Blake Shelton is bringing the 2021 edition of his "Friends & Heroes" tour to the Ford Center in Evansville on September 10th, and we have your chance to win tickets all this week (June 7th through 11th) before they go on sale.

Blake is one of many country artists getting back on the road after the COVID pandemic sidelined everything for over a year. The Ford Center show is one of only 16 dates Blake is doing on the tour, so we should feel pretty special that he chose to swing through and play for us. The number of dates is certainly fewer than he used to do when he laid out a tour back in the day, which is by design according to him. Blake recently revealed in a recent interview there was a time several years ago where he started to not enjoy touring because trying to balance a full tour schedule with his commitment to The Voice proved to be exhausting. He said scaling back the number of dates he goes on the road certainly helped him not only enjoy it again but look forward to taking the stage.

Tickets for the Ford Center show go on sale this Thursday (June 10th) at 10:00 a.m., but we want to save you some money and put a pair in your hand before that with a game we're calling, "Every Time I Hear That Song." Here' how it works:

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  • Listen to the Q Crew Morning Show with me and Leslie every day this week at 7:40 a.m.
  • We'll give you the title of one of Blake's song and the hour it will play later that afternoon during The Ride Home with Travis Sams.
  • When you hear the song, be caller 9 at 1-877-437-5995, or by tapping the "Call Us" button on the home screen of the WKDQ app to win. It's that simple!

Tickets for the show go on sale Thursday (June 10th) at 10:00 a.m. online only through Ticketmaster.

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