The legendary, Marshall Tucker Band will be performing at the Beaver Dam Amphitheater this Saturday and we have your chance to win tickets to the show!

There are certain bands that you know who they are as soon as a song comes on the radio. For over five decades, The Marshall Tucker Band has been one of them. Whether it's "Ramblin'" or “Heard It in a Love Song,” everyone knows these classic Southern Rock hits. So many of us grew up on the music of the Marshall Tucker Band, and now we have the chance to see them in the area.

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The Marshall Tucker Band will be playing all of their hits at the Beaver Dam Amphitheater on Saturday, October 2nd at 7 p.m. They will be bringing special guests Colt Ford and The Lacs along with them for a fun night of music. Tickets for the show are still available and can be purchased by clicking here.

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HOWEVER, if you would like to win a pair of tickets to the show, we have your opportunity right now. All you have to do is enter to win through the form below by noon on Friday, October 1st. We will randomly select five people to win a pair of tickets to see the Marshall Tucker Band will be performing at the Beaver Dam Amphitheater this Saturday, which will be available for you to claim at will-call the night of the show.

Scariest Ghost Town In KY Has A Truly Terrifying Past And Can’t Be Found On A Map

The month of October fills me with even more passion for abandoned and haunted places and things. I love to research legends, folklore, and stories from all over the world, but especially right here in Kentucky. Some of the stories are pure legend with no real facts to back them up. But, I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

One such legend involves a small town, a murdering teacher, and mysterious disappearances that went on for decades. This is what I learned about the legend of Elsewhere, KY.

A construction worker and journalist, by the name of Seamus Coffey, was volunteering at a Senior Citizen’s center and he met a man named, Earl. The gentleman was about 80 years old and told him a story of something that happened in Elsewhere. KY.

"When I was a boy, my pa’ and I went to the Elsewhere General Store to get some rock candy and chicken feed. I stood outside while pa’ talked to Mrs. Ellison the shopkeep. Pa’ loaded the feed into the truck and handed me the candy. Right about then, there was this loud scream from the schoolhouse. I don’t know right well what happened ’cause pa” told me to stay in the truck, but after that we never went back to Elsewhere."

"When I was a few years older, I went back there with some friends. We were just dumb kids foolin’ around. My friend Jason went inside the schoolhouse and I never saw him again. We spent the rest of the day looking for him and later the police did a search but found nothing. Shortly after that the county disconnected Elsewhere road from HWY 280. It’s been about 60 years and you’re the first person to mention the place in half a century, son."

After that, Seamus started searching for any information he could find about Elsewhere. He found an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal. The article covered a story about Elsewhere being abandoned for health and safety reasons. It was dated April 2nd, 1953. The article also gave him a piece of the puzzle that was missing, the exact location of Elsewhere. The town was located two miles north of New Concord (KY) just off of HWY 280. So, of course, he had to go there for himself.

This is the terrifying story of what he found in Elsewhere.

There's A Farm In Kentucky Where You Can Hug And Play With Fluffy Cows

Just a short drive from Evansville is a farm where you can hug and play with fluffy cows, and they are adorable.

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