The Evansville Wartime Museum first introduced us to its newest acquisition, a 1943 Sherman tank, in the summer of 2023 - and earlier this year, the museum asked us to come up with a name for that tank. Museum officials have apparently chosen a winner of that "name the tank" contest, and are preparing for the big reveal.

Evansville Wartime Museum tank

The museum sent out a press release to essentially announce the announcement:

The Evansville Wartime Museum in conjunction with 1943 Chrysler M4A4 Sherman Tank-Cheyenne, Inc. is announcing the winner and winning name from the  “Name the Tank” Campaign on Saturday, April 1, 2023, at the Evansville Wartime Museum before the first tank ride at 12:00 p.m.

Wanna Go for a Ride?

Simply having a 1943 Sherman tank in the museum would be cool enough, but the Evansville Wartime Museum takes the coolness to another level. You see, this is a 'working' tank, and therefore, visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to take a ride on this piece of World War II history.

Below is information regarding the Tank Ride Program offered by the Evansville Wartime Museum.

  • Monthly rides begin on Saturday, April 1, and will continue on the first Saturday of every month. Rides are from 12n-3:30 p.m.
  • Each 30-minute ride will cost $100 per person with a maximum of 4 riders at a time.
  • Each 30-minute segment will include 5-10 minutes of safety announcements & information on Sherman tanks, followed by climbing into the tank, a 10-minute ride on the airport field, and a 10-minute climb outside of the tank, followed by time for questions and answers.
  • Between rides on those Saturdays, the tank will be brought to the area behind the museum so visitors can see and hear the engine running and the turret turning.

See Inside Evansville's Wartime Museum

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