It seems like I stop daily to help a turtle cross the road. After doing some research, I realize where times I have been doing it right and there were times I have been doing it really wrong.

I saw this on the Saving St. Louis Pets Facebook page posted by Tom Busch.

Did you know a Box turtle only roams 1 mile its whole life? If it is removed from its area/home then for the rest of its life it will roam aimlessly stressed out... trying to find "home" until it dies a very sad death.

Please do not remove turtles. Do not take them home as pets. If one is injured please mark the exact spot found for the wildlife center. If a turtle is in the road you can help by moving it directly across the street in the direction it was heading. Thank you!

I post this every few months because it's not really known. Many people think it is harmless to let their children take home a docile turtle to play with and release it someplace they see appropriate. I was once that kid. Please share the knowledge.


He's right! There is only one way to help a turtle cross the road!

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