Most likely you are reading this on your computer. Chances are you are using a laptop. And like me you probably have it in your lap just like a kid visiting Santa Claus. These warm little companions have been with us only about 25 years. They have gotten smaller and more popular each year and are everywhere. Are they safe?

Some experts have asked that the "laptop" be renamed. It wasn't really supposed to be used in your lap. It was originally labeled "personal computer" and was supposed to sit on a table or desk. As they got smaller, thinner and lighter they were relocated. I sit down in my recliner about 6:00 every night until 11:00 with my computer in my lap. You probably do too. That's the problem.

Most laptops are connected to the internet by WiFi. So are notebooks and some desktops. But we don't normally sit with a big desktop in our lap. Even the smaller notebooks are usually held away from our body. We get some EMF radiation from them all, but it's the length of time the laptops stay so close to very important body parts that causes concern.

How much exposure is too much? No one is sure. We could go into nonionizing and ionizing radiation and frequencies and so forth, but really WiFi hasn't been around long enough to get any good research studies. Look on the internet and you find about as many sites that list the dangers of laptop use as those that say it's safe. I got 676,000 google results in a search for “laptop computer radiation blocker”. Yes, there are many companies that make those. There's at least one company that makes a radiation blocking blanket, and several that offer radiation blocking boxer shorts.

Until we have good intel one way or another, I'm going to always have one of these little helpers under my laptop:


It's a radiation blocker and it also diverts some of the laptop heat which supposedly can be as harmful as radiation. The makers of these things are a little secretive about what they are made of. The cost varies from about $50 to as much as $3500. I got the cheaper one. I don't really know if it's necessary or even if it's helping; but I rest easier just knowing it's there. Besides, the boxers were almost a hundred bucks.




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