I have a dilemma. My ten-year-old son Ethan wants a cell phone and I think he is too young. Now, he already has a mohawk and you would think that would be enough. By the way, thanks for the advice on the mohawk that we posted a couple of weeks ago. Back to the issue at hand, the cell phone. He says he feels like he is the only one of his friends without one. I know, they all say that, but we never want our child to be the outcast, right? Over 90-percent of us have a cell phone in today's world, but with kids, it's a different story.

On the one hand, it would be convenient with my busy schedule for him to have one, but I'm also afraid it could and probably would become a huge distraction in terms using the phone at a time when he shouldn't be.

Again, I think ten years-old is way too young, but the question remains, at what point is old enough for a cell phone and do they get a regular feature phone or a smartphone to start with? Also, if they have a mohawk like my son, are they EVER old enough for that kind of responsibility?

I have decided against the phone until much later, but please feel free to answer the poll question below.

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