MagicofRahat is a very popular video prankster on YouTube and has done some very funny and creative work, but the below video might be his best work, which netted a homeless man a $1000 lottery jackpot. The prankster explains that he has seen the homeless man several times before and decided to really help him out. So, he told the man he didn't have any money to give, but had a winning lottery ticket that he would like to give him.

The prankster told the man he wasn't sure how much it was for, but offered to take him to the store to cash it. The thing is, it was a non-winning ticket, but the prankster already worked it out with the store clerk by giving the clerk $1000 of his own money to give to the homeless man and telling him he won.

The homeless man's reaction is absolutely priceless and will help restore your faith in humanity, because he insists on sharing the money with the prankster. The ticket wasn't real, but the monetary gift was VERY real. Watching this video is time well spent.