If you plan on watching the big game on February 7th, you might as well enjoy it with a free beer.

They say that the best kind of beer is free beer. Since beer and football go hand in hand, why not indulge in a free brewski during the big game? We know that the Super Bowl is going to look a little different this year. There will be less fans in attendance, I'd imagine that the halftime show will not have fans surrounding the stage, and some of the biggest brands in Super Bowl commercial history will not be advertising this year. Thanks, COVID!

It was announced earlier in January that Pepsi and Coca-Cola will not run any commercials during the Super Bowl this year. The main reason both soft drink icons are opting out of advertising this year is simply do to budgets and COVID-19. A few days later, Budweiser announced that they would not have any ads during the Super Bowl either. Budweiser said that instead of running their ads during the Super Bowl, they will put that money toward the Ad Council to give a public-service announcement will educate viewers on the benefits of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

While we won't be seeing any Budweiser commercials this year, Budweiser found a nice way to make up for that in the form of free beer. They want to put a free Bud in your hand for the Super Bowl and all you have to do is  create a My Cooler account to claim your free beer.

You'll enter your information to register for My Cooler, and from there, they will give you information on how to claim your free beer. You’ll also earn some other rewards as well! You can sign up by clicking HERE.

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