This Halloween season, you're invited to check out some of the most amazing and spooky homes decorated for Halloween in the Evansville area.

For some people, Halloween is like their Christmas. They will go all out decorating their home with light shows, spooky decorations, and some even host haunted houses. My friend Jody lives in Greenville, Kentucky, and each year he puts out a massive display of Halloween blow molds and more. His house is one that everyone in the area loves to drive by each year.  There are folks like Jody all over the Evansville area that spend a lot of time and effort making sure their homes are creepy and amazing. However, unless you passed by them all of the time, you would never know about some of these homes.

However, there is a map that has been created on Google Maps called "Halloween Houses of Evansville & Beyond!" that features these homes so that you can visit them yourself. After looking through some of them, I am in awe of how much detail some of these people put into their Halloween decorations.

As of now, there are a total of 96 homes on this map that you can drive by to view their Halloween decorations. Like I said, some have light shows, some have a ton of spooky decor, and there are even some on this map that host a haunted house on their property. The majority of these homes on the map are in Evansville, but there are a few in Newburgh, Vanderburgh County, and even one in Henderson.

You can check out the map for yourself by clicking here. Just a heads up, there's also a map of homes decorated for Christmas that comes out each year too. So, when the time comes, you can check those out by clicking here.

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