I drive through Henderson every morning to get to the WKDQ studio, in downtown Evansville. After work, I sometimes go the Blue Bridge to get home, but if I need some kind words, I ofter will drive back through Henderson so I can go to the Subway on the Hwy 41 strip. Why, when there is a Subway literally ever few miles on my way home? Because of a woman that works at the drive-thru.

Her name is Delese. She makes me feel like family when she is taking my order and giving my my food. Every time, she will say something positive to me. Once, she told me I had beautiful hair on a day I had let it dry naturally and it was frizzed out out to the humidity. Another time, she told me she liked my sunglasses. And, another time she said she like my nail polish and it was all chipped and gross.

Those simple comments, or acknowledgements, made my day. She singled ME out and gave me a compliment. In that moment, she focused on making me smile and making me feel better with her kindness.

She has no idea who I am, we have never exchanged names or even a hug, but with her smile and sweet words she makes me feel like family. Everyone needs to feel love and kindness. It seems like she makes it, whether she realized it or not, her mission to be a light in the everyday lives of others. Changing their day or even the life with a smile and a compliment.

I talked to her to tell her I was going to do a blog about her and the impact she has had on me. I will admit I got a little teary eyed when I shared with her  how much happiness she has brought to some of my lonesome, sad and depressed days. She was very humble about it all but said that I, in turn, had made HER day. Delese, it's the least I can do.


One of my former students, who I am very proud of, posted this video on his FB page. He too encountered kindness from a stranger and felt compelled to share the moment with others. Maybe the kind words of a the stranger he met, will lead to a ripple effect of positive, random, kindness everywhere. We should all be more like this the man in the story.


These two remarkable people didn't have to go out of their way to be kind, they just were, it's who they are. So, I challenge you to say something kind to a stranger or, maybe even just smile. It will not only be good for you, but it could benefit them more that you will ever know.

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