Thanks to COVID-19, you may be unsure how exactly to celebrate Halloween. Should you let the kids trick-or-treat? Should you have candy just in case kids in your neighborhood do trick-or-treat? Or, do you skip Halloween altogether this year and hope things will be back to normal next year? If you've decided you want to do something, but want that something to be something you and the family can do together and safely, the Henderson Parks & Recreation have come up with a creative and fun way to do just that.

If there's been one silver lining to the pandemic, it's that it's led people to come up with inventive and creative ways to have some much needed fun while still staying safe from the virus. The Parks & Recreation Department's "Great Pumpkin Search" does just that by giving you and your family the opportunity to be outdoors and participate in a scavenger hunt for fabulous prizes.

The department has hidden four pumpkins in four different city parks around town, each is marked with the phone number of the department and a verification code. All you have to do is find one, call the number, give them the verification code, and you win.

There will only be one prize given per pumpkin, so if you do find one, hold onto it, don't put it back.

While the department doesn't mention which parks the pumpkins will be hidden, they have provided the following clues as to where not to look:

  • Higher than 6 feet in the air.
  • Near river, creeks, waterway.
  • Hidden on roof tops.
  • Require climbing a tree.
  • Hidden in flower beds.
  • Near gas/electric lines.
  • Near roads.
  • In closed facilities.
  • In cemeteries.
  • Buried.
  • On private property.

The search is underway now, and will be over once all four pumpkins are found so get out there and start looking!

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