The Guns & Hoses charity boxing match returns to the Ford Center this Saturday night at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now at all ticketmaster outlets.

This year's event marks the 8th year for Guns & Hoses with the Firefighters leading the series 4 to 3. The event is presented by '911 Gives Hope', a local charity made up of area police officers and fire fighters and all of the proceeds benefit children in the greater Evansville area and has done so since 2008.

Guns & Hoses has grown tremendously over the years and gets bigger and better every year. After the first G&H in 2008, 911 Gives Hope distributed right around $15,000 to area's children's organizations. As of last year, more than $750,000 has been donated to various children's charities and organizations.

911 Gives Hope does many events during the year like the annual 911 Gives Hope for the Holidays Toy Drive which has collected thousands of toys over the last few years that are donated to the area hospitals and the Evansville Ronald McDonald House. The charity is willing to help with just about anything with only one condition.....the beneficiaries have to be children.

Our police and firefighters put so much of themselves into Guns & Hoses to help our children in addition to what they do to protect you and I every single day. Every dollar you spend on a ticket for Guns & Hoses will help an area child and there's not much else better than that. Click here to buy tickets.

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