I have to say, I was surprised.  I set out to write a big story about how different school supply lists were for today's kids, then when I was a kid.  In have to sat, after checking out the latest lists from the EVSC, not much has changed.

Looking at Washington Middle School, for example, they still need to bring the essentials like red and black pens, pencil pouches, pocket folders, and filler paper.  I have to say, on this list, there was nothing that I didn't have on my supply list for middle school in the mid 90's.

After checking about 5 school supply lists, I only found a couple items that were never on my list.  Vogel Elementary listed dry erase markers, headphones or ear buds, and a thumb drive.  At least two of those three things existed when I was in school.

So while a lot has changed in the classroom, the supply lists are very much the same, including the genius idea someone had years ago to have each student bring a box of tissues...I wonder how much money that's saved school systems over the years?

To see what HAS changed in the EVSC classroom and to get ready for this coming school year, join us at the Back to School Expo this Saturday at Eastland Mall from 10-4 pm!


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