It's common knowledge that after all of the winter weather we have had, Evansville has been polluted with potholes.

It seemed like every road you would travel on, you had to swerve to avoid those dreaded potholes. In some cases, these potholes have caused damage to vehicles.


If you had to guess, how many potholes do you think Evansville has? You might be amazed at the number. The City Of Evansville Tweeted out today that over 8,600 potholes have been filled so far in 2018. Over 8,600 potholes!!!! Those are just the ones that have been filled. That's not counting the ones that they have yet to fill or have yet to be reported!

You are encouraged to continue to report potholes to the city by using the hashtag #EVVPotholes or by reporting them online here.

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