A group known as the Sasquatch Genome Project has released new evidence that Bigfoot exists. The group released never before seen video clips of the mysterious creature in places like the woods of Kentucky. They also claim to have actual DNA evidence. In the below video, the group shows footage of what they claim is a juvenile Bigfoot roaming the woods at night, a full facial shot of a female Bigfoot and another Bigfoot asleep in the woods, which by the way is up close footage of something lying on the ground.

They also claim to have photos of hair and one tissue sample that they say is from a genuine Bigfoot.

I will admit that some of the footage looks pretty compelling until we get to the sleeping Bigfoot. The footage was taken at very close range, in broad daylight and I have a very difficult time believing someone could have gotten that close without waking the creature, or whatever it is. That's the only part of the footage that loses credibility with me. Take a look below and decide for yourself.


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