There is no shortage of videos on YouTube showing military parents returning home to their families. In most of them, dad is surprising his loved ones who have no idea he is home and every one of them is more than worth the time to watch. The below homecoming video just might be the greatest of them all.

When Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney was deployed, he left his wife and six children at home. Cooney's 6-year-old son Michael suffers from cerebral palsy and unable to walk. The surprise was for Jeremy when he returned home as Michael walked on his own to his father for the very first time.

 Melissa Cooney, Michael's mother, said that Michael learned to walk while his dad was away and the secret was kept from Jeremy until his son walked into his arms. You can hear someone on the PA , "Your children are so very proud of you." This might be one of the greatest moments ever caught on video. See this incredible and inspiring video for yourself.

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