The Parke County Poor Asylum has the potential to be something great, but they need your help!

Remember that abandoned IN asylum in Parke Co. IN that is for sale? The one that used to be an asylum. Folks from 'FLAG' are looking to make this place something special again. According to Anthony Thompson, "FLAG is looking at purchasing the former "Poor Asylum" located in Parke County Indiana and restore it into a Veterans home which is desperately needed in our country. Too many Veterans are homeless and forgotten and this is not acceptable"

The facility was abandoned 10 years ago and is in need of repair. Originally built in 1930, it has served as a poor house and care facility in it's time and has potential if properly restored. Thompson states, "the current price is $200K, but given condition a lower price may be possible if a cash offer is given. Then there is probably $300K of realistic rebuild and restoration for the property to make it livable. If we can reach a minimum of $350K on this fundraiser, we will move forward with the initial purchase and getting windows and roof replaced to protect the building. Then, as funds are received, further restoration can be done."

If you want to donate and help turn the abandoned asylum into a Veterans Home, click here.

Photo: Zillow via Wolfe, Eric Prime Real Estate Group
Photo: Zillow via Wolfe, Eric Prime Real Estate Group

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