As I have written about many times, my love of all things paranormal has become a bit of an obsession. I love that thought of our two worlds intertwining and overlapping. It's not only exciting to think a bit, but it also gives me peace of mind.

Several years ago, a medium came to Evansville and wanted to give me a reading over the phone. Although I was very skeptical at first, she gave me some very interesting insights about spirits that are always around me. She mentioned a woman and two men. One of the men was quiet and saying nothing to her, and the other two were arguing about who I wanted to hear from.  It made me smile because she was describing the personalities of three of my grandparents to a tee.

Ever since my mom passed away, I have had moments when I feel her with me. While we were in Gatlinburg, waiting for a table, I overheard a voice talking to the server. Her voice sounded just like my mom, and it was exactly something she would have said. I was overcome with emotion and felt her arms around me. Maybe it's because I am open to hearing, seeing, and feeling things like this, allow them to happen to me.

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My openness to the paranormal is exactly why my husband won't take me to the notoriously haunted Wavery Hills Sanatorium, in Louisville, KY. He jokingly says he is afraid I will bring someone or something home with me. I'm not sure he is joking though. LOL I do feel like if I went there, I would definitely see or feel something.

My Facebook friend, Maggie, unexpectedly captured this photo at Waverly. It is a remarkable vision of a ghostly image moving past the doorway. You can even see the image of a leg and a shoe. If you look closely, to the far left of the back window, you can see a smaller image coming around the outside corner.

Maggir Clark/Facebook
Maggie Clark/Facebook
Maggie Clark/Facebook

Two reasons why this photograph gives me a sense of peace and happiness. The first is the fact that the ghostly images, it appears have shown themselves to us, whether on purpose to not, the image is there, in Maggie's photo. Secondly, to think that once we pass on to the afterlife, as the smaller image in the photo, we walk with our loved ones through time and space. We are never alone.

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