It’s almost here! The day we stuff ourselves with so much turkey that we need several hours, if not a day or two to recuperate from our food hangover/coma. It's hard to get comfortable too. Even if you are in your own house, it can be very difficult to cuddle up and drown out all of the noise.

We all need a nap after dinner, especially if you have been up cooking since the wee hours of the morning. To get my much needed nap, I’ve tried to grab a throw pillow and lean back on the couch, but Dad has usually planted himself on the other end and snoring so loud it sounds like an alarm. I’ve even tried a sleep mask and ear plugs just to get some dark, peace and quiet. As you can imagine that wasn’t a good idea. Nothing stayed in place. Plus, I had to keep moving to get away from all the noises. And, by noises, I mean my own snoring.

If only somebody would invent a soft, pillow like helmet/blindfold cover for your head, napping after turkey time would be a lot easier. Well, it looks like my post Thanksgiving naps needs are being met. Arby's just created a "deep fried turkey pillow." It's a turkey-shaped pillow you pull over your entire head. Yes, a turkey carcass like pillow cover for your head. I never thought of the inside of a turkey as a place to put me head. But, I gotta give it to Arby’s. They make it look pretty comfy. On second thought, I think I have though about putting the turkey on my head after several Amaretto Sours. But, we don’t talk about that. ;-)

The pillows were on sale for $59.95, but they sold out almost instantly. Maybe if we beg and plead, Arby’s will make some more. But until then, your only hope of getting your hands on one of these, unless you already have one, is to enter a contest at

Check it out. Very crazy, a little disgusting, but totally funny and fluffy.

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Naps just got a lot crispier. And juicier. Buy it now.

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By entering the contest, you’ll get a coupon for 50% off  one of their deep fried turkey sandwiches.


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