In it's heyday, the Hummer was the quintessential SUV. Based off the military Humvee, it was a big, meaty (that's right, I said "meaty"), powerful vehicle that gave drivers the sense that they could drive over anything put in front of them. When I started my career with our sister-station, 103GBF, we had a Hummer as our station vehicle. It was the big, military-style looking kind. It was eye catching, it was cool. Not the easiest thing to drive, but who cared? You were driving a Hummer! We eventually replaced that with the more consumer-friendly, and slightly easier to drive, Hummer H2. Still a cool looking vehicle that turned heads, and a little easier to navigate. The problem with both were that  they weren't the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road, not even close. As the world changed, the economy sputtered, and society became more environmentally conscious, the Hummer found itself falling by the wayside. Apparently, it could drive over boulders with relative ease, but a change in cultural mentality was too much to tackle.

The writing was on the proverbial wall for the one-time popular sport utility vehicle. In June 2009, General Motors announced they would no longer make it as part of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, and sold the rights to the brand to a Chinese machinery company. For all intents and purposes, the Hummer was dead. But, just like comic book characters, GM has found a way to resurrect the once popular SUV.

According to Tech Crunch, GM will unveil the new generation of Hummers on May 20th, but with a major twist. Learning from the past, the new Hummer won't rely on gas to let drivers tackle any type of terrain. This version will be electric.

GM is teasing the reveal of what they're calling the Hummer EV through a series of commercials that will air during Super Bowl 54 including this one touting the fact that even though it will be electric, the new Hummer will feature the type of power potential owners crave.

In addition to the 1,000 horsepower the vehicle will have, GM says it will also have the ability to go from 0 to 60 in three seconds, and feature an estimated 11,500 pounds of torque which will come in handy for those times when a stray mountain jumps in front of you.

Despite the May 20th unveiling, production of the new-age Hummer won't actually begin until late-2021 meaning it likely won't be available for purchase until sometime in early 2022.

What do you think? Is this a good move by GM? Will you be looking to buy one once their available? Let us know in the comments below.

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