Recently, there have been rumors of Gander Mountain going bankrupt. Does this mean that the Evansville store will be closing?

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Rumors that that company is filling for bankruptcy surfaced after Reuters reported  that the retailer had been preparing to file. This would be a huge blow to avid outdoor activity lovers in the Tri-State if the company were to close its doors in Evansville. People have been asking if it is true and if/when they would be closing.

According to 14 News, after 57 years in business, Gander Mountain will be closing its doors.

Initial reports stated that at least 17 brick-and-mortar stores would remain in business. That is no longer the case, as the decision has been made to shutter all 126 locations.

Effective immediately, all sales at Gander Mountain are final. There are no refunds, no exchanges or adjustments for prior purchases and inventory is limited to stock on hand.

Gift cards will only be accepted until May 18.

Gander Mountain's home page explains it all.


After reports that all Gander Mountain Stores will be closing, a series of events have now led to some of those stores remaining open. To sum it all up, their entire inventory is being liquidated. According to 14 News, the CEO for Camping World, Marcus Lemonis, clarified what exactly is going on with Gander Mountain. 

"The current liquidation of the existing Gander Mountain inventory will allow us to start with a clean slate of what we consider the appropriate mix and level of inventory, including the addition of Camping World and Overton’s offerings where appropriate."

So basically they're gonna have a short period of time where there isn't anything in the store once current inventory is gone, then it will be back to normal with an entirely new inventory in the store. Stay tuned for more updates, as I am sure there will be more details released in the near future.





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