After weeks of preparing and excitement building, just like that Fall Festival 2018 has come and gone.  However one thing that's really changed is Franklin Street! 

One of my favorite places in Evansville is Franklin Street, there's so many cool shops, delicious food, and fun bars, there's so much to do! And even more to do during the first week of October every year with the Fall Festival!

During Fall Festival week Franklin Street is almost unrecognizable, the street is lined with hundreds of food booths, a ton of fun rides, and literally thousands of people! But it's amazing how quickly the Fall Festival gets cleaned up, and it's like it never happened.

Saturday night was the final evening for Fall Festival 2018, and beginning late into the night, and early Sunday morning, food booths were moved out, rides were torn down, and clean up efforts on Franklin Street began. As of 11AM on Sunday, it's like a festival was never even there!

The transformation of Fall Fest to normal Franklin street is pretty insane!

Let the countdown begin for Fall Fest 2019!

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