There's an old saying "you're only as old as you feel." Well, after seeing these things, I feel pretty darn old!

It's crazy to think that the 90's ended almost 20 years ago. If you're like me, you have so many fond memories of that decade. I often reminisce on some of the cool things from the 90's, but after seeing these things, I feel like one of those old men who would always say "back in my day...".

These are just a few things to make a 90's kid (like myself) feel old:

1. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie came out 25 years ago (30 June 1995).

Twentieth Century Fox

2. If Bart Simpson were a real person, he would be 40 years old, which makes him older than Homer is supposed to be.


3. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is now older than Dennis Haskins was when he started playing Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell.

4. Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Hocus Pocus were all released closer to the Moon landing than they are to today.

Universal/ 20th Century Fox/ Disney

5.Johnathan Taylor Thomas (38) is now as old as Tim Allen was when Home Improvement first aired in 1991.


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