Every town has their things that everyone talks about from year to year. I wanted to have a little fun and pick out the eight things that Boonville residents have been talking about this year. 

I think these are pretty spot on things. Ask any resident of Boonville, and I would be willing to bet that these five things has been a topic of conversation at least once in 2019.

  1. "I'll be glad when the construction on the Square is done."

  2. "Anyone else not have power?"

  3. "Did you hear that we're getting a Grandy's?"

  4. "This new traffic pattern on the Square is gonna cause an accident!"

  5. "I miss Mr. Gatti's..."

  6. "I heard a bunch of sirens go off in town. Anyone know what happened?"

  7. "Los Bravos or El Maguey?"

  8. "Y'all know when Tastee Freeze opens/closes for the season?"


I'd love to begin to explore other towns in the Tri-State in terms of what their residents said in 2019. Got any ideas? Feel free to e-mail them to me at travis@wkdq.com. Maybe your town will be next!

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