Not only is this video a reminder of why you shouldn't stop and try to capture a bison selfie, it's also a reminder of how fun a family road trip can be.

I've never been to the state of Wyoming, but every photo I've ever seen is so beautiful. It's a strangely beautiful sight to see wildlife right next to the road. On a trip to nearby Colorado, a few years ago, I did see an occasional moose near the road, but never muscling their way across the street like the bison in this video.

The family shooting this video did the smart thing, stay back and capture the interaction with nature on video. The average male bison weighs over 2,000 pounds and unless you're a bison whisperer, why would you ever stop your car between that behemoth and the other side of the road he clearly wants to be at? The people who made that bad decision, now have to call their auto insurance company and explain their decision.

And to the family in the car, ya'll are funny. All of the "shhhhh" to try and quiet the car in case the bison could hear you, had me rolling.

Can’t believe we got this on video! These people learned not to go near the bison the hard way unfortunately!! Don’t mind our commentary in the background 😂. More pictures to come!!
Jeanne Stien Bob Quick

Posted by Amy Beth on Sunday, July 12, 2020

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