Do you ever wonder by Facebook ads and other items appear after you talk or think about something? Facebook is tracking everything you do, even when you're not on Facebook.

Kind of creepy to think about, right? You may see ads for hotels when you have been searching for places to go on vacation. Maybe you recently purchased something online and there's an ad on Facebook for a similar item. Trust me, that's not by accident. It's called Off-Facebook Activity.

According to Facebook, they connect your off-Facebook activity to your account to do things like:

  • Show you relevant ads and introduce you to new products and services.
  • Create a more personalized experience for you by suggesting things you might be interested in, like events you might want to go to.

If you're one of the many who would rather not have this type of information shared, and aren't a fan of all of those ads, you can actually turn Off-Facebook Activity off and even delete your history. It's super easy to do, and I have a step by step video for you to walk you through the process. It should be noted that once you do turn it off, if you have logged into something through your Facebook account it will be disconnected. However, that's a quick fix as you will just have to sign into that program again once you open it. However, totally worth it, if you ask me.

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