It was recently announced that Evansville will soon be joining the list of cities with cat cafe's in them!  However River Kitty could use a little help getting this project off the ground! 

The Vanderburgh Humane Society Facebook Page
The Vanderburgh Humane Society Facebook Page

One of the coolest concepts ever is coming to Evansville, a cat cafe! One half cafe, one half cat hang out room, all one awesome idea! The cool thing about the cat cafe is not only can you enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee with an adorable furry friend, the cafe is helping the Vanderburgh Humane Society find homes for their cats, because the cats at the Humane Society are the cats that will be at River Kitty! So if you happen to end up falling in love with a cat at the cafe, you can adopt them! So it's a great way to get cats adopted, and a great way for animal lovers who may not be able to have any pets, to get to spend some time with animals.

However to get the project going, River Kitty has started a Kickstarter campaign, and they could use your help. Hear more about how the River Kitty idea was brought to life!

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