Chances are you've seen Bear, the big fluffy Great Pyrenees out with his owner selling their Bears Bone Bakery dog treats, and making people smile. Bear's owner recently shared a sad update about Bear.

Bears Bone Bakery Facebook Page
Bears Bone Bakery Facebook Page

Bear was a big fluffy Great Pyrenees that I always loved seeing out and about. Whether it was at the corner of Green River and Vogel with their big Bears Bone Bakery cart, or down at the Franklin Street Bazaar, I always loved seeing Bear and his owner out and about selling their homemade, healthy dog treats. I always loved picking up a couple bags for my pups, and then petting sweet Bear on the head. He was a salesman you couldn't say no to!

On May 18th Bears Bone Bakery facebook page shared this update:

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! My buddy boy Bear pasted away this morning at 8:15 this is the last Pic we took of him before he succumbed to old age. in the end he went peacefully. Born august 20th 2005 his father was Junior Hopkins and mother was Maid Marion, succeeded by his adopted child, Bear Jr.
RIP My buddy boy Bear
please send your condolences to the Vanderburgh Humane society
From my family to yours, THANK YOU
Bear loved you all,

My heart goes out to Bear's owner in this difficult time. Losing a pet is so hard. Especially one that made such an impact on not only your life, but the community as well.

Thank you Bear for your delicious treats, and all of the joy you brought to Evansville. Rest easy sweet boy. His owner asks that if you'd like to send condolences, you can do so by making a donation to the Vanderburgh Humane Society in Bears honor.

You can still support Bears Bone Bakery by picking up a pack of their locally made dog treats at local pet stores, and at the Franklin Street Bazaar at the Out of the Box gift shop booth.

Today May 30th, Bears Bone Bakery Facebook page shared a photo of a tree that has been planted in Bear's honor.


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