Evansville Animal Control is FULL, and hard decisions will have to be made today.  Local rescues are stepping up to help, but there just isn't enough space.  They need fosters ASAP to get dogs out of their kennels and into foster homes so they can pull dogs to safety! 

Bella is one of the many dogs needing a foster at It Takes a village (Photo Credit: Emilee Kerner Photography)
Bella is one of the many dogs needing a foster at It Takes a village (Photo Credit: Emilee Kerner Photography)

Evansville rescues are working hard to pull animals from EVACC, but unfortunately they also do not have the space. It Takes A Village posted a desperate plea to Facebook, they are a rescue,  that has a location with kennels, but also home based fosters.  Their kennels are full, so they need people to foster dogs ASAP and open up kennels at ITV, if they can open kennels at the rescue, they can pull dogs from EVACC.  See ITV's post below for dogs available for foster or adoption!

Another Chance for Animals is a foster based rescue out of Evansville, and they are also desperately seeking fosters and adopters.  Check out their post below about dogs needing fosters or adopters ASAP.

If you are able to help out by fostering or adopting, please reach out to It Takes a Village, by clicking here. Or Another Chance for Animals by clicking here.

I know this is hard to read, and sad.  But unfortunately it's the reality. Evansville Animal Care and Control, truly does a great job in the community, but their hands are tied.  They have to take every animal that comes in and there just are too many animals, and not enough space or resources.  Luckily Evansville Animal Care and Control is really great about working with local rescues, to help get animals pulled out of their facility. But they can't do it without fosters and adopters.  This is why I am so passionate about rescue animals, and make these posts.  It's hard to read, and it's sad, but it's reality.  If you don't like it, then help. If you are in a position to foster or adopt a pet, please do.  If you can't do that,please donate.  If you can't donate, please volunteer.   If you can't volunteer, raise awareness.  We all have a platform now thanks to social media.  Share homeless pets, raise awareness, educate others about the importance of fostering/adopting.  Small gestures add up, and I know that together we can make a difference!

Now lets get some of these dogs to safety!

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