Many people are becoming  #helpers in this very difficult time. I'm going to start highlighting these amazing people in the Tristate who are making us think, give us comfort help us connect and laugh. Together, we WILL get through this crisis. Just like the Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin, does on a daily basis, today he out did himself. Today he said want we needed to hear. His kind, gentle, true words were his superpower today.

Ever since I first met Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin, I have been amazed by his force of nature like quality to help others and make their lives better. Today (March 19) he made a post on Facebook that I needed and I think you might too.

I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who know someone who know someone who said...... The government is going to put us all on 24 hour lockdown......the hospitals know what’s coming and it’s very bad...... I’m not pretending that I know more than the someone you know who knows someone, but let’s all slow down and take a deep breath for a second. I can talk about my profession briefly and I think it equates.

We have had numerous conversations this week of what if scenarios, in our line of work, we have to prepare for the worst, even if we really don’t think it’s what will happen. We have emergency plans in place for numerous situations, one plan calls for the police department going to two-twelve hour shifts instead of three-eight hour shifts to give us more coverage if we have large numbers of officers infected or mass chaos in the streets. This doesn’t mean we think this will happen or that we will ever really do this, but we have to have a plan. The hospitals and military have to have plans as well. This doesn’t mean they know something you don’t, but they’re preparing for the worst. This shouldn’t scare you, it doesn’t mean the worst is coming. It should give you comfort, we have professional organizations who aren’t waiting, but they’re planning. I realize we’re living in some very scary times, with a very real threat, but we don’t need to make it worse on ourselves by spreading panic. Be mindful of your social distancing recommendations, but order take-out from your favorite restaurants, check on your elderly friends and neighbors, focus on what you can do to help and not the negative happening around us. The sun will come up tomorrow and as my wife just told me earlier, it’s the first day of Spring!!!

His words are true, genuine and filled with integrity. The kind of humble, giving and empowering leadership that he delivers day in and day out is exactly what we need right now. #helper

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