This sounds like a fun way to make a mess and not get into trouble over it.

I think everyone who has a kid has had an experience where they have had to deal with paint or markers all over their walls at some point in time. It's a pain to clean up and someone always winds up in a lot of trouble after making the mess. But, there's one place you can go where you and your kids can go to town splattering paint everywhere to express their artistic side.

Escape Evansville is home to some pretty fun escape rooms, but they just opened up a new attraction that is fun for the entire family. It's called the Splatter Paint Room. According to Escape Evansville,

Enjoy 30 minutes of wild fun throwing paint around at a 8x10 canvas in our super unique Splatter Paint Room! We provide you with a plastic apron ( so wear old clothes and shoes ) goggles, gloves, a hair net and shoe coverings plus 6 colors, a 2" and 1" brush, a sponge and paint bottles!

During your time in the Splatter Paint Room, kids and adults too, are able to use a paintbrush, sponge, a bottle, or even your hands to create their own masterpiece on a canvas. Unlike painting at home, getting paint all over the floor and walls are encouraged! Plus, you don't have to be a Piccaso or Van Gogh to paint. No experience or talent is necessary here! Just a fun time to be had.

This is not only a fun time for the family, but it could make for a very memorable date night too.

You can find out more information about the only Splatter Paint Room in Evansville by visiting Escape Evansville's website.

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