If you're buying drugs, you wouldn't want the police to know about it, right? That's what I thought until I saw a report from our media partner, Eyewitness News about a man filing a report with the Evansville Police Department because his "drug dealers intimidating and threatening him for not paying."

I'm guessing it never occurred to him that complaining about your crack dealer means you're admitting you actually HAVE a crack dealer.

Apparently, this 62 year old man told the police that he had bought some crack from a woman and her boyfriend on credit. According to Eyewitness News:

The man who bought the crack told EPD those people are now threatening him in a variety of ways; Including threats of vandalism, physical violence and being shot.

He told police he has not yet paid the dealers the approximately $400 he owes. However, he also said he now has to pay $500 because they charge interest.


The dude basically just told the Evansville Police Department that he is a frequent user of illegal drugs. He ratted  himself out. Now there's been no word if any arrests have been made, but I think that it would be a safe assumption that he is on the EPD's radar now. I mean I get it, he is being threatened, but he openly told the police that he is involved in illegal activity.

What does he expect to happen here? Maybe he should take his drug dealers to small claims court. Or here's a good idea: he should ask the EPD for a loan to pay for his drugs. There's no way the police would arrest him then, right? My dad always told me that if you can't afford to buy something then you probably don't need it. I would say that is the case here.

The Evansville Police Department has done a great job at getting drugs off the streets over the years. So I don't see this story playing out too well for this guy. Moral of the story here, kids, is simple. Don't do drugs!

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