Did you notice a little bit of snow on your vehicle this morning?

Granted, it was just a dusting, but still...it's Spring! Mother Nature teased us last week with temperatures in the 70's here in the Tri-State. It gave us hope that finally, we are getting Spring weather.

That Spring weather was short lived, as the high today (4-16-18) is only supposed to be 43 degrees. We also experiences minor snow showers this morning and throughout the day in some areas. Sometimes I feel like this is the longest January I have ever seen. What are we on? January 97th now?!


However, this isn't our typical weather for this time of year. For the first time since 1983, Evansville experienced some snow this late into Spring. This according to Evansville Watch. I don't know about you, but the snow and cold weather can just stay away for another 35 years. That would be just fine with me! More warmer weather would be much appreciated, Mother Nature!   

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