It is officially the spookiest month of the year with the calendar turning to October and everyone gearing up to celebrate Halloween. Chances are you're already seeing Halloween decorations pop up around the Evansville area at businesses and homes. I'll even go out on a limb and say you're likely one of those people who has put out a pumpkin or two on the front porch, or maybe hung a ghost in the window. If you have kids, it also means you're starting to think about the costume they'll wear for trick-or-treating. However, for the families and kids served by the Ark Crisis Center in Evansville, the ability to get a costume isn't always possible, and the Center is hoping you can help fix that.

What is the Ark Crisis Children's Center?

According to the Crisis Center, "Vanderburgh County has a higher level of abuse and neglect (29.5 children abused or neglected per every 1,000 children) than the state (20.8) and the national rate of abuse and neglect (9)."

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Established in 1981, Ark Crisis Children's Center is an Evansville-based non-profit that provides free childcare and other services to children in crisis, those in danger of abuse or neglect, and families who are struggling for whatever reason. It's the only free crisis center in the state of Indiana.

Ark Crisis Children's Center in Need of Halloween Costume Donations

The Center is currently asking you for donations of children's Halloween costumes for the kids in their care so they can enjoy some trick-or-treating like all other kids. The ages of the kids are anywhere between six weeks and six-years-old. If you'd like to help, costumes can be dropped off anytime between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, or shipped to Ark at the following address:

415 Lincoln Ave.
Evansville IN 47713

[Source: Ark Crisis Children's Center on Facebook]

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