As the new Evansville downtown arena nears completion, we are about to find out what it will be called, along with some of the events that will be held there.  Yesterday, Venuworks president, Steve Peters made an appearance on Local 7 TV to discuss the naming announcement that will happen at 1pm today.  He also mentioned that next week, the venue will begin naming some of the events that will be held at the arena over the first 6 to 8 weeks of operation.  Aside from University of Evansville basketball and Icemen Hockey, Peters says there will be a variety of family events and concerts  to showcase all the capabilities of the new venue.  The hope for Venueworks is that the majority of the Tri-state population gets to the arena in the first couple of months to experience one or more of the events.  We will let you know once the arena has a name and we'll keep you up to date on any concerts or events headed there.