We are in the latter part of April, but it looks like we will be seeing some snow in the Evansville area tomorrow night.

Evansville area weather is crazy. You seriously get all four seasons in one week. One day it can be sunny and warm, the next day it will be freezing cold with snow. This week is no different. Current forecasts show that we will be seeing some snow in the area Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

You heard that correctly, SNOW! I thought that we were past winter weather? Nope. It looks like Mother Nature is throwing us a curve ball once again. According to Eyewitness News Meteorologist Ron Rhodes, we aren't talking about just a few flakes falling down either. As of now, it looks like there could be some minor accumulation.

Tomorrow evening around 5 p.m. we will start to see the temperature drop and the front to move in. It will start off as showers, but on the back side of that will be snow. According to Ron Rhodes, by 7:30 p.m. we'll begin to see the snow in the Tri-State. The current model shows this going on for a few hours, and it will be a pretty significant amount of snow we see during that time. It should be out of the area after midnight, but that's when the temperature will be dropping. There's a potential for a light freeze on Wednesday morning.

The good news here is that any accumulation we do see won't be sticking around long. So don't expect to be getting a snow day, kids. However current models do show that the snowfall could be fairly heavy at times and possibly causing some brief visibility issues. It just goes to show how bipolar the weather is here in the area. Hopefully we can get summer weather before too much longer!

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