You  may not realize it but you can eat the seeds from a pretty common tree grown in Indiana. You might even have one right in your own backyard.

Maple Trees & Their Helicopter Seed Pods

Both red and silver maple trees are native to Indiana and both trees produce what most of us called "helicopters" when we were children. The tiny seed pods that seem to spin through the air like a helicopter as they make their way to the ground - or your roof, porch, or windshield - are actually edible.

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Maple Seeds are Perfectly Edible

Well, the pods aren't, but the seeds inside are. Mother Nature perfectly engineered maple seed pods to "fly" through the air, and she also made the seeds inside perfectly edible.

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Maple Seeds Contain Protein

According to, the seeds contain protein and are an excellent survival food. However, once removed from their pods, maple seeds can actually be roasted or boiled, or even eaten raw. Although, they can be a bit bitter when eaten this way.

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Maple Seeds Can Be Eaten a Number of Different Ways

Other options for maple seeds include adding them to soups, drying them and milling them into flour, or using them as a seasoning. You can even use use dried and ground maple seeds to thicken soups.

So not only can you harvest sap for maple syrup from your maple trees but you can even eat the seats too.

Would you try eating maple seeds?

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