Hey all you selfie takers, we told you on the morning show that duck face selfies are OUT. What is IN? Surprise selfies! Yeah, selfies where you look like you just heard something shocking or amazing. According to Mashup, the surprise selfie is supposed to make you look better. It makes your eyes and lips look better, smoothes out your wrinkles, and makes your face look thinner. GREAT! Jon and I decided to try it for ourselves. :-)

Ok, first, the duck face selfies -


Now, the surprise selfies -

I'm NOT buying it!

OMG! Is this a pic of JON doing a surprise selfie BEFORE it was announced to be the 'IN' selfie????? I always knew he was a trendsetter! ;-)


YIKES!! I think we will just opt for neither the duck or surprise selfie and stick to the smiling selfie! :-)