School uniforms have been a part of private and Catholic schools for years and it's been a hot topic for public schools for years. More and more schools in Evansville are moving toward a uniform-style dress and you can add Bosse and North high schools to the list requiring uniform style dress for next school year. Central, Harrison and the Academy for Innovative Studies have uniform style policies already in place. Reitz High School has not adopted the policy yet, but is considering the idea by the end of the current schoolyear.

Many EVSC schools have the uniform-style dress in place. Officials at the EVSC want one comprehensive policy that will be the same for all schools so there are no grey areas and parents will know exactly what is and is not allowed.

The issue has created quite a debate, with very strong feelings on both sides. Many believe that some kids dress in a way that is completley inappropriate, while others believe that a school uniform of some kind infringes on the student's right to choose and express themselves.

How are school uniforms any different than a dress code in the workplace? There are many jobs that require employees to wear a specific uniform or at the very least, the employer will define what is acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace. Why is a similar policy in the school system any different? Like it or not, they are becoming a reality and only time will tell as to their effectiveness.

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