We have all seen it, that one guy who wears his pants so low, three-quarters of his underwear is in plain view. Some of these people wear their pants SO low that if it were not for their underwear, we would see a lot more of them than we would want or even need to see. Some say it's offensive and should be banned in public places and others believe in freedom of expression... and as long as certain parts aren't showing or even visible, it can't be legislated. One Indiana town is looking into passing an ordinance about wearing saggy pants in public, but some are not so sure it's a good idea. Merrillville Coucilman Don Spann says a lot of residents he has talked to would support such an ordinance banning this practice which some call a public nuisance.

If the proposal were to pass, there would be no criminal charges imposed, but if you were found to be wearing your pants more than three inches below the hip in public, you would be fined.

Councilman Ron Widing is concerned about the proposal being viewed as unconstitutional. "I don't know how we can tell anyone how to dress, " Widing said. Other states have instituted similar restrictions with no constitutional challenges, at least not yet.

We can all agree that it looks terrible, but legislating how people wear their pants could be a very fine line. The ordinance in Merrillville is only in the review stages right now and no action has been taken. In a society where some think 'big brother' is too involved in our lives already, an ordinance like this could really fuel that flame.

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