Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree. Yes, many people around the Tristate have already put up their Christmas trees. If they haven't yet, it will be happening soon. Trust me, I have seen the massive crowds at Hobby Lobby. It looks like a Black Friday shopping frenzy. Everyone is getting in the spirit of decorating for the holidays.

We, well I, have already put up our tree. I decorated it about two weeks ago. This year, like every year I change things up, just a little bit to make it special. I decided to add lights that matched the colors of the ornaments - silver/white, blue and purple. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but it actually matches the bold colors of the family room and it looks like icy winter beauty.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

Everyone has their own individual tastes when it comes to their Christmas trees. Whether it;s the color of the actual tree or the color of the decorations and lights, each is completely unique and individual. My mom had a cardinal tree because she love how they looked against the evergreens and snow. It was beautiful, but not anything I would do. I have a friend that decorates her tree in everything angels, another who decorates with all things wine.

If you love whiskey, you might want to consider adding these whiskey filled, bottle shaped ornaments to your tree. Yes, I said whiskey filled. It's a little less than a shot, but still, that's pretty awesome.

My father-in-law in a huge fan. Born and raised in Kentucky, he just can't;hales it. It;s in his blood. He will love these. Now, he'll have something he can add to the tree that is a reflection of him.

I think I may have to pick up a couple boxes. My icy tree could use a splash of whiskey.

There are 12 in each box and you can get them now at Costco.

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