So, as if the fear around tick bites and the serious and sometimes fatal diseases they can transmit into your blood stream isn't enough, now there is a new tick in town and it is scarier than the rest.
According to, an Asian Tick has arrived in North American that could spread to other parts of the country very quickly.

The East Asian, or Longhorned, tick was discovered in New Jersey last Fall. These ticks are very scary for many reasons.

- They usually prefer warmer temps, but didn't seem to mind the cold at all. So, that means they can adapt according to climate.

- Females don't need a male to reproduce. She ALONE can lay thousands of eggs.

- These ticks don't care who they bite. Animal or human, they will bite anything.

- They carry multiple diseases.

YIKES!!! I love the outdoors nut this is so scary.

Know how to check for ticks, how to properly remove them, what to do if you think you might be sick from a tick bite and how to protect yourself.

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