Parents have the not-so-fun job of waking kids up in the morning. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So, when parents make it funny, we can all enjoy the torment it brings the kids.

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When I was in school, my mom had a pretty funny way of waking my brother and me up in the morning for school. She had to because the older we got the more difficult it was to wake us from our teenage slumber.

She allowed three strikes. By this, I mean that she would give us two chances to wake up when she asked, but each time she came into the room, her method of waking us up intensified.

Mom would open our bedroom doors, walk in, kiss us on the forehead and say that it was time to wake. Then, she would exit the bedroom. If we did not get up, she would come in a second time, enter the bedroom, open the blinds and pull up the shade. If that didn't work. she would come in a third and final time to stand at the end of our beds and, in her best loud opera voice, sing the day's weather forecast. All that was missing were long braids and a Viking helmet.

Let's just say that her opera always got us out of bed because she wouldn't;t stop singing until both of our feet were planted on the floor and we were standing up.

I also used that method when my kids were in school. They always got up, to.

Maybe that's why I found this dad from Florence, Kentucky, so hilarious.

Just messing with my sons.


When parents annoy the kids with silly stuff, I love it. Sometimes, the kids get you back in a big way.

In this viral video, these kids surprise dad with his leaf blower. LOL


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