Crikey!! You never know what will pop up in the Ohio River.An Indiana man took a look at the flooded Ohio River the other day only to find Crocs floating along the river.


Of course there aren't real crocodiles in the Ohio River, but this was too funny not to share. Apparently, I am not the only person who thought it was funny as this photo has been shared over 8,000 times! I also find it funny that some of the comments say "those aren't crocodiles, those are shoes" or "those look like shoes." Clearly they are was simply a joke. If you can't tell the difference between crocodiles and Crocs (the shoes) then you clearly haven't seen the Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin!

On a serious note, I really hope that this Croc is returned back to its owner. As someone who owns a pair of Crocs, I feel bad for the person that this shoe belongs to because they are pretty comfortable...I would be devastated if I lost my Crocs!

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