You are what you eat! Some foods have been found to give us some strange side effects. They can afffect everything from your smell to the color of your skin. According to, here are 4 bizarre side effects of foods you eat every day:

1. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum Can Cause Diarrhea: The reason? A sweetener called sorbitol, a chemical that is hard for your intestines to absorb.

2. Certain Fruits and Vegetables Give You a Sexy Tan: Carotenoids,  found in many fruits and vegetables, contribute to human skin color. In extreme amounts, they can even cause your skin to have a yellow-orange glow.

3. Coffee Can Make You Hear Things: We gotta have it in the morning but, too much can be a bad thing. Simon Crowe, the lead author of the study, said that high levels of caffeine make people "more likely to 'overreact' to their environment -- i.e., to hear things that just aren't there."  The study suggests thatan  overreliance on coffee can mess with your brain in a very serious way. And by serious, we're talking one of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

4. Soy Can Lower Your Sperm Count: In a Harvard study, scientists looked at the diets of 99 men. Scientists noticed that there was an association between soy food and low sperm levels.

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