In an effort to make the game day experience as enjoyable as possible for breastfeeding mom's, the Indianapolis Colts are debuting "lactation suites" inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

According to the team's website, the suites are designed to "give moms the chance to enjoy a game, while also providing them a clean, private location to care for their child if they so choose.”

There will be two different suites available, both inside the stadium. One sits next to the administrative offices on the Loge Level near sections 307/407, and the other will be found "on Street Level near Section 132 in the southwest corner of the stadium."

The suites, created by a company called Mamava, are four foot by eight foot "pods" (for lack of a better term) where Mom's who need to breastfeed their child, or use a pump can do so with some privacy. The pods include "comfortable seating, a fold-down table, interior lighting, an electrical outlet for a breast pump, a USB port and a door that can be locked for privacy," according to the team. While they are intended for individual use by a mother and her baby, they are spacious enough that other young siblings can step in as well.


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