Here we are, the day after the Super Bowl and most websites are focused on the commercials. The Super Bowl commercials are the most anticipated commercials of the calendar year and the most talked about the day after. With a cost $3.5 million for 30 seconds in yesterday's game, they better be good. Budweiser always does great commercials and so does Doritos, but the best commercial last night was not funny by any stretch of the imagination, but was certainly inspirational.

 Last year, Chrysler did a spot featuring Eminem talking about Detroit making a big was a good spot.

 Last night, Chrysler did another spot that focused beyond Detroit and on America as a whole and they used the talents of Clint Eastwood who delivered in a very big way.

 This was a great spot and should be viewed again and again. It aired once after the second quarter and this is the one and only Super Bowl commercial I am going to post here, see for yourself below.