I don't know who looked at pig and thought, "I wonder how that would taste if I pack it in salt and brine," but they should have the word "Saint" in front of their name. Bacon may be one of the great foods ever created. It just makes everything better. So much so, that one Indianapolis restaurant has made the centerpiece of their entire operation.

Rooster's Kitchen, named after it's owner and founder, Ross Katz, sits roughly two and a half miles northeast of Lucas Oil Stadium in the heart of Indianapolis at 888 Massachusetts Avenue, and features a wide array of menu items where the salty goodness of bacon is the star.

Appetizers include Hoosier Bacon Popcorn featuring their homemade bacon bits, as well as BBQ Belly Bites which is roasted pork belly (uncured bacon, essentially) tossed in their signature sauce.

If that doesn't satisfy your bacon appetite, follow either up with the Dad Bod sandwich featuring barbecue pork belly, the Turkey Bacon Thyme sandwich, a big bowl of Mac 'n' Cheese with bacon mixed in, or have them add bacon to practically anything on the menu to put yourself in a bacon-induced coma.

Check out their complete menu, which also features lunch and brunch options, through their website.

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