For a long time, we were told that eating cheese would lead to weight gain. Now, science says that isn't the case.

I have been a cheese lover my entire life. I don't care what kind of cheese it is, from American to Cottage, I love cheese. My mom would always tell me "one day you're going to turn into cheese." I think cheese can go on practically anything. However, some folks have given cheese a bad reputation.

You've probably heard in the past that cheese is bad for you. It can cause weight gain and be bad for your cardiovascular health. For years, people have avoided eating cheese because of this belief. According to Wired, the way Americans eat cheese, and especially the way they were eating it in the 1980s and ’90s, when the original data was gathered, usually had cheese paired with unhealthy food. Studies now show that cheese didn't cause people to gain weight, the other foods it was paired with did.

New research proves that cheese deserves an apology for all of the negativity it has gotten over the past few decades.  Wired says that new evidence has shown that cheese does not lead to weight gain. The dean of the Tufts School of Nutrition Science in Massachusetts says,

There's almost no evidence cheese causes weight gain, and in fact, there's evidence that it's neutral at worst. There's no evidence that cheese is linked to cardiovascular disease, and in some studies, it's even a little bit associated with lower risk.  And then, for diabetes, again, it's at worst neutral, and maybe protective.

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The latest research provided in the article from Wired, shows that while cheese does have high saturated fat, that doesn’t appear to correlate with higher risk of heart disease. After all of these years, cheese is finally getting the justice it deserves from science.

The research goes more in-depth in the Wired article, but I think the big takeaway from all of this is that cheese isn't bad for you and doesn't lead to weight gain. Need I say anything more here? If you'd care to dive more into the research, you can read more here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a charcuterie board full of cheese.

(H/T- Wired)

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