Car seat safety is vital, and if you want to make sure you have yours properly installed, a free car seat safety inspection can do just that.


Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety is a topic that may seem boring, but when it comes to your kids' safety, it's a topic that is vital.   Thanks to the internet there is a wealth of information about car seat safety, but not all of it is good or even safe advice.   It is incredibly time-consuming to sift through all of the information online to find accurate information, and reading your car seat manual can sometimes read like IKEA furniture instructions, so it can be hard to figure out if you're installing the seat correctly, and properly harnessing your child.

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However, if you're like me and constantly worried that you've installed something improperly, and you'd just like an expert opinion, there are resources available in Indiana. Throughout Indiana, there are over 100 Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations.


Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations

These stations used to be called Permanent Fitting Stations.  These stations have a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician on hand who will inspect your car seat installation for free.

Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations are places where parents and caregivers can make an appointment to have their child safety seat inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician. The certified child passenger safety technician will evaluate the way that the child is currently traveling, check the child's current restraint for recalls, proper fit and proper installation. The parent or caregiver is instructed on how to properly use and install the child restraint.

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This service is free, and all parents and caregivers are encouraged to reach out to their nearest Child Safety Seat Inspection Station to schedule an appointment.


Where to Find the Nearest Child Safety Seat Inspection Station

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute manages a network of these stations so caregivers can find the closest station to them easily. You can click here to see the full state of Indiana, click on your county, and the local stations will pop up.

For instance, in Evansville, this site has five Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations listed:

  • Little Lambs of Evansville
  • St. Vincent Ascension Hospital for Women and Children
  • Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department
  • Deaconess EMS
  • Scott Township Fire Department

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